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"Where the Knowledge of the Mind
meets the Wisdom of the Heart.
That is the point
from which I serve."

- Mark "Deer" Goddard.

Client Testimonials:

"Blessings Testimonial for Mark Goddard.....

August 11, 2009

To Whom It May Concern:

What a joy, privilege and honor it is to write this testimonial letter on behalf of Mark Goddard!

I first met Mark back in March 2009, while working with his soulmate/twin flame wife, Sage and saw he "walks his talk" in his life: as a husband, partner, father, muli-talented creative artist, healer and most importantly, here to serve humanity with a single focus: to serve all his amazing talents with the Love of the Heart.

Then, last Monday, on August 3, 2009, I was to have a session with Sage and as we hugged one another, she said, "oh, you need to have a massage....your body is crying out for it!"....lo and behold, Divinity stepped in and Mark, who happens to be a Massage therapist, Healer, Reiki Master, among his other talents happened to be available that afternoon and, what an incredible experience!

I have had many body massages from various healers and my experience with him was by far "Da Best" I have had in my life!

He is the ONLY person I know who has the innate ability to be gentle in touch where/when needed and can go SO DEEP on my body where it is needed! I thought I was just going to be lying there, fall asleep, possible take a nap; but my body had other plans....I spent the entire session with Mark, doing deep breathing, as his movements across my neck, and back were being worked on and at the end of this time, I felt SO MUCH MORE relaxed! I was so relaxed that I was ready for my session with Sage!

I would highly recommend Mark for a is not just another is are definitely in a Bliss Full state when he is complete with you!

By the way, as a side note, I KNOW (am clairsentient & kinestitic) he also may have used Reiki and any other modalities he knows.....he uses whatever methods that would be at the highest levels for each I KNOW I received more than just "a massage"......he embodies and is Bliss-age.....and has the ability to share his healing abilities with so many others!

Again, I highly recommend him for body work, Reiki work, along with other arenas he is innately knowledgeable about.....he is a channel for the Body....of Love.....that Bliss.....

I will be seeing him again, when my body needs it.....distance is never an issue.....I come 2 hours each way because he is well worth it!

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact me at (408) 417-6738 or email at:


Cynthia Makhoul
HeartSpeak, International
President & Founder"

"Oh my goodness. (sigh) Ahhhh.... I am in total bliss! You two are amazing. Awesome! That was INCREDIBLE! Wow. What else can I say? Wow."
- J. D. after a Yin-Yang HypnoReikissage treatment with Sage and her twin-flame soulmate husband, Mark

"Mark has really done some truly remarkable things for my back. I'm a lot better than when I first met him. It is if his hands are something other than human. Mark is the only massage therapist that has both the strength and the healing hands to penetrate and release the resistant areas of my lower and middle back. He's truly the best I have ever had." - Rose Hutchinson, Retired Nurse

"Mark, this was really wonderful (two-hour massage). You truly work on the level of the nervous system." - Janice Jacobson, PT

"I have never had a massage like that! Mark is so intuitive - finding all my pains. He was so tuned in, he knew just what to do. No one has ever had enough strength to give me relief in my lower back. I slept well for four days after that massage." - Carrie Becker

"I have never felt this comfortable with any massage therapist on the first visit as I have with Mark." - Lauren Grunbaum

"The nature of my massage work is deep tissue and nervous system based. My work is a blend of knowledge, art and trance-based intuition. My skill set includes Swedish-style, deep tissue, Shiatsu-accupressure, some reflexology, Trager Method, lymphatic relief and hot basalt stone technique. I am also a Third-Degree Reiki Master, direct Usui lineage. I have developed many of my own strokes that have been effective with clients.

What I do with clients is bring them into a relaxed state that is consistant with the subtle rhythmic frequency of earth movement and universal movement. It is a choreography of hands. My experience with every client is different, spontaneous and directed according to individual needs and desires."

Mark Goddard, CMT, RM

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