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"Where the Knowledge of the Mind
meets the Wisdom of the Heart.
That is the point
from which I serve."

- Mark "Deer" Goddard.

Benefits of Massage

• Unwinds tight, tensed muscles creating instant, deep relaxation
• Dilates blood vessels to improve circulation and nutrition of tissues; increases red blood cell populations, especially in anema cases.
• Detoxifies the body as a "mechanical body cleanser" by pushing along lymphatic fluids, speeding up the elimination of toxic debris and wastes.
• Helps overcome muscle fatique associated with strenuous exercise.
• Improves muscle tone; postpones or prevents muscle atrophy that results from prolonged inactivity caused by illness, injury, age or sedentary lifestyle.
• Has a sedative or stimulating effect on the nervous system, depending on massage style, per your wishes.
• Can assist in weight loss by breaking down stored fat for processing by the body (done in conjunction with healthy diet and exercise).
• Transverse technique separates muscle fibers, undoing adhesions and scar tissues.
• Stimulates and increases healing.
• Lessens inflammation, swelling and pain in joints.
• Helps those with sleep disorders get the rest they need.
• Assists in proper structural alignment and function of spine and joint areas.
• Stimulates body pressure points for health, strength and wellbeing.
• Creates a peaceful trance state, emotional balance and happiness.
• Nurtures and pampers you.
• Integrates body, mind and spirit.


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INTUITIVE HANDS MULTI-MODALITY THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE including a wide range of techniques for the art of individualized massage therapy including Swedish, Deep Tissue, Reflexology, Accupressure, Trager, Reiki, Soft Tissue Massage and Shamanic Energy Healing practices.
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