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"Where the Knowledge of the Mind
meets the Wisdom of the Heart.
That is the point
from which I serve."

- Mark "Deer" Goddard.

Mark's Background

Mark comes to the field of massage therapy via the crossing of a number of paths. Throughout his life, he has had the intuitive experience of "knowing exactly where that pain is" on other's bodies. His sensitivity on this level and his desire to serve from the heart, for the betterment of others has made him an ideal candidate for this kind of work.

For ten years of Mark's life, he dedicated himself to seeking his human potential in mystical circles, where he was exposed to practices using sound and light that have their roots in Sufi, Buddhist and Indian traditions. Here he learned a variety of massage techniques that were tools in these practices.

During 1996 and '97, Mark went through a number of transformational or shamanic experiences that changed his life and unveiled a calling to do healing work. Through ritual traditions of the Red Path and Celtic origins, he honors his ancestral roots while performing in the service of others.

In 2003,
he became a third-degree Reiki Master, Usui lineage. Finally, Mark received official training as a massage therapist at Harbin Hot Springs at the School of Shiatsu and Massage in 2004. Mark has also received training in Visceral Massage with a focus on organ motility, stomach and intestinal systems, adrenals and lymphatic massage in the Master Bodywork Series with Luis Diaz, OMD, LAC, Nevada City, CA.
Mark has had phenomenal results with chronic issues such as Fibromyalgia and Sciatica. Through the powers of intuition, intention, knowledge and physical strength, Mark delivers results.


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INTUITIVE HANDS MULTI-MODALITY THERAPEUTIC including a wide range of techniques for the art of individualized massage therapy including Swedish, Deep Tissue, Reflexology, Accupressure, Trager, Reiki, Soft Tissue Massage and Shamanic Energy Healing practices.
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