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Benefits of Massage

Yin-Yang Hypno-Reikissage

Powerful Healing,
Wonderful Feeling

"Where the Knowledge of the Mind
meets the Wisdom of the Heart.
That is the point
from which I serve."

- Mark "Deer" Goddard.

My Mission

My basic intention in this work is to provide comfort and to be a channel of healing that is customized for each individual's needs. I provide my service with the intention of betterment to all who come to me. I hold dear the philosophy of "show up and get out of the way."

If asked the question, "What are your strengths as a massage therapist?" I would answer:

• my knowledge of the human body
• my heart and
• my strength


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INTUITIVE HANDS MULTI-MODALITY THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE CALLED BLISSAGE TM including a wide range of techniques for the art of individualized massage therapy including Swedish, Deep Tissue, Reflexology, Accupressure, Trager, Reiki, Soft Tissue Massage and Shamanic Energy Healing practices.
and call "Deer" Mark Goddard CMT, RM
at (530) 575-8079 to schedule a time and location for massage sessions in the general Sacramento County, Folsom, Placerville area.

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