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EarthSpiritHealing.org - http://www.earthspirithealing.org. EarthSpiritHealing.org is designed to be an ongoing, constantly evolving online resource for addressing issues of sustainability of human existance in harmony with the fragile web of life on this planet. How we can support ourselves, each other and our environment and bridge the gap between the industrial production and transportation oriented, fossil fuels driven economy, and a future existance that recognizes the importance of interdependancy of human beings and all living things. Earth Spirit Healing is also the online presence of Mark Goddard and the services he provides; landscape design and maintenance, agricultural consultation, healing therapeutic massage therapy, fine art, website design and maintenance and graphic design.

Love And Spirit
http://www.LoveandSpirit.org. The finest source of content about personal and spiritual growth through relationship. Sage Taylor Kingsley, CHT, RM, a certified hypnotherapist, relationship couselor, writer and shamanic healer, is an innovator of the highly effective spiritual programs for individuals and couples including LoveLife! and True Nourishment. Sage does readings and classes at East-West Books in Sacramento and at Planet Earth Rising in Folsom, California and has done programs through the Learning Annex in San Francisco.

SoulMates MatchMaking
http://www.SoulMatesMatchMaking.com. The best, most in-depth dating service on the Internet, SoulMates - A Match Made In Heaven!, features direct, one-on-one contact with the matchmaker, Sage Taylor Kingsley, CHT, RM; an in-depth, well thought out, detailed intake form; background checks and a strong focus on a conscious population of people. She couples this work with counseling sessions, hypnotherapy and a grounded, multi-cultual, East meets West approach to spirituality. The service is currently focusing on northern California, in the Bay Area, Sacramento and Sierra Foothill regions.

Mark Goddard - Intuitive Holistic Healing Massage
Therapeutic Massage
http://www.earthspirithealing.org/healinghands.html. An individually focused therapeutic massage practice providing healing through a relaxing and refreshing experience.

Native American Basket Collection:
A Celebration of Indigenous American Material Culture
http://www.earthspirithealing.org/1CultitemsIndex.html. My personal collection of baskets is available here as an educational resource for those studying the material arts or ethnology of Native Americans.

Sidewinder BBQ
http://www.sidewinderbbq.com. A 2009 client in El Dorado county with an innovative set of barbeque tools that aid in the handling of foods on the grill and even clean the grill, eliminating the use of a brush.

The Nature Sounds Society
http://www.naturesounds.org. As a board member of this non-profit organization, dedicated to the recording of ambient natural environments and the creative use of these sounds, I was responsible for the design and production of published materials for over four years, as well as this website.

Elaine Winters-Writer,
Information/Instructional Designer
http://www.bena.com/ewinters/. Elaine is a professional writer with a technical bent, as well as an expert in the field of crosscultural communication. She has lived and worked throughout Asia, developing education programs, and is known for her contributions in the corporate and academic arenas in facilitating clear understanding between participants.


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